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What You Need To Know About Palm Tree Injections

Palm Tree Injections in Southwest FloridaNothing says Southwest Florida quite like the sight of palm trees. This tree represents the local flora and fauna, as well as is an iconic reminder of how lucky we are here to have year round weather that supports this type of plant life.

However, it can also be susceptible to a variety of potential threats, that which can harm or even kill this tree. If you have palm trees as part of your own landscaping, and who doesn’t in Florida, you will want to know more about how you can protect them and optimize their health with palm tree injections.

Palm Tree Injections – It’s All About Opting For Better Health

No matter where you live, you have plants, trees and grasses that are unique or more prevalent to that area. Of course, with that comes pests and diseases that are a threat, also specific to that area. So, it only makes sense that palm tree injections exist for Southwest Florida landscaping or lawn fertilization, and here is some of what you need to know:

Even the seemingly healthiest of palm trees can be vulnerable, when it comes to natural dangers here in Florida, such as insects and disease. So, these injections help make your trees healthy again, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The process consists of drilling a hole near the base of the tree, insert a plug to use for administering the injections, and then carry out the injection. This enables the solution to get into the tree, reaching the root system, as well as the lifeblood of the tree itself.

So what exactly does it help with? These injections are ideal for protecting palm trees from fungal infections, tree-borne diseases and whitefly infestations. This is a method used to get proactive about preventative measures, and can help safeguard your trees.

Your home is your biggest and most crucial investment, and the landscaping makes up a large part of that. Make it a point to let us help you take the best care of it, as possible.

Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best

By calling on Southwest Lawn & Shrub Care, Inc., you can feel good knowing that you are getting the expertise earned from two generations of industry experts. Over the decades, we have worked hard to help take care of our clients, as well as preserve their trees. We look forward to helping you with the palm tree injections and other work you need done.

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