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Fall Pest Prevention Tips For Southwest Florida Homeowners

Southwest Florida Pest ControlOne of the things every homeowner should learn is about the pests that are native to the area they live in. For residents of Southwest Florida, the critters that we can expect here are different than many other areas. Familiarizing yourself with the pests we have here can help you to better prepare for prevention.

When you work with a professional to address your need for pest control, it should also be about making certain that you learn what you need to, in order to be an informed homeowner. This includes being aware of what to expect once autumn begins, and how to prevent a major problem from occurring. Too many people make the common mistake of waiting until a problems makes itself known to try to start to learn what they need to know.

The Sunshine State and Pests

Let’s face the fact that we are fortunate to have better weather, all year long. However, that means that many people make the mistake of thinking that means that we don’t have pests, other than mosquitoes.

In actuality, we have plenty of different critters, and it is important to know which ones and what time of year they can be expected. So while we may not have seasons that are as individual and pronounced as other parts of the country, we can have pests that range as slightly seasonal.

South Florida doesn’t just get ants, we get a variety of different types of ants. While they maybe the usual uninvited guest at your summer picnic, come autumn they are often still looking for your food – inside your own home. Ants actually tend to seek a water supply which is why they are generally spotted in the kitchen or bathroom.

The good news about spiders is that they eat pesky insects. The bad news is that you can end up with an infestation of spiders if you have a problem with insects. The sooner you get a pest problem under control, the less likely it will result in a spider issue. Yet, as soon as you begin to notice spiders it is time to call on an expert.

Termites are known for being destructive, and it is important to try to prevent your home from attracting them. They are often confused with flying ants and not taken seriously enough – until it is too late. In fact, once you are able to easily spot them, it usually means the problem has already manifested itself in your home. Act quickly in an effort to save your home.

Come autumn you can avoid attracting nuisance pests in a number of ways. For one thing, make it a point to eliminate entry points. Fill in holes and cracks that make it easy for insects to gain access to your home. This should include replacing old or missing weather stripping and checking screens for rips and holes.

Readily available food sources are another concern. Clean up crumbs, close bags of food and seal off even dry pet food that could become a buffet for pests. Also maintain your landscaping so that it does not attract pests or become a good place for them to hide.

Find the Best Possible Help

Ultimately, getting proactive about prevention for pest control is the best approach to take. However, it is also about knowing what to look for as an indicator that you may have an infestation of some creature on your property. For information and help, the best team to call on is Southwest Lawn & Shrub Care, Inc.

We offer a variety of methods to use, in order to eradicate a pest problem. Yet, we still want to be able to teach our local clients how to prevent the most common autumn pests from gathering and making your property their home too. Avoid getting into this type of predicament, and let us help you keep your home free from bugs in the fall, and all year long.


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