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Bonita Springs lawn fertilization by a fully licensed and insured lawn & tree spraying company can actually be less expensive than do-it-your-self-options. Additionally you can be sure that your yard is getting the right mixture or fertilizers & chemicals at the correct time of the year. The winning outcome of hiring a professional is a beautiful looking and healthy yard at a surprisingly great price.

At Southwest Lawn & Shrub Care, Inc. we are dedicated to providing high quality, environmentally friendly Bonita Springs lawn fertilization at the best possible rates. We have been providing these expert services to both residential and commercial clients throughout SW Florida for more than 20 years.

Why Hire Southwest Lawn & Shrub Care, Inc. For Bonita Springs Lawn Fertilization

When you hire us you will NEVER have to worry about bothersome telemarketing calls trying to sell you something for your Bonita Springs lawn care or pest control that you do not need. You can always expect quick and effective results the first time. We want to provide you with that "Wow" factor following our first visit to your home or office.

Our motto is to "Get the job done right the first time." We use the best landscape fertilization products and alternatives available so we can do as our motto says. By Implementing the industries (BMP’s) Best Management Practices every employee stays up-to-date on all of the latest products, tools and techniques in the lawn care industry. Our highly trained, knowledgeable employees understand how to customize treatment services and cater to your specific needs, while abiding by all current law, regulations, and codes.

Including our professional Bonita Springs lawn fertilization we also offer the following professional services. Most of these services can be package together and included in an annual treatment plan for the best overall results at the best possible rates.

Bonita Springs Landscape Fertilization

Bonita Springs Turf Builder

Bonita Springs Lawn Pest Control

Bonita Springs Tree and Shrub Disease Control

Bonita Springs Palm Tree Injections

Bonita Springs Indoor Pest Control

Bonita Springs Fire Ant Control

Bonita Springs Flea Control

Bonita Springs Tick Control

Bonita Springs Lawn Care & Maintenance

Bonita Springs Lawn Fertilization Tips

What are some of the things you need to do to maintain your lawn properly? For the best results be sure to use the right lawn fertilization products at the right time of the year. Just as important as using the right lawn care products is being able to water your entire your yard completely and consistently. Consult your local community zoning rules for the proper watering schedules.

Each spring, before undertaking fertilization, de-thatching and aeration are crucial. De-thatching is done to get rid of the withered roots and leaf layers that have gathered around the foot of the grass. Doing this ensures that the grass on your lawn is free from diseases and other illnesses. Aeration is done so that nutrients and water enter the soil very effectively and help the grass grow in a healthy manner.

When it comes to fertilizers, avoiding chemical fertilizers is a sensible step that you can take. The reason is that chemical fertilizers are usually poisonous and could negatively impact your well-being and that of the environment. So, stick to organic fertilizers whenever possible. If you’re unsure about the right kind of organic fertilizer for your lawn, all you have to do is contact a professional Bonita Springs lawn fertilization company for help.

Bonita Springs lawn maintenance companies like our own Rick Roberts Lawn Service offer lawn fertilization services as well that will aid in keeping your lawn in top shape, starting with a professional spring-time application. It's is often best to leave fertilization of your lawn in the hands of trained professionals. Professionals will know exactly what type of fertilizer to use on your lawn as well as the proper dosage and application techniques. In most cases hiring a professional company could cost less than a do-it-yourself program with much better results.

Bonita Springs Fire Ant Control

You usually notice the fire ants after you come in contact with them and get bitten by their fiery sting. Fire ants can also be identified by their reddish color. When disturbed they rapidly swarm their mound in efforts to protect their queen. Their mound can be up to three feet taller or in some cases larger. The mounds can disrupt mowing and other lawn maintenance.

At Southwest Lawn & Shrub Care, Inc. we know that completely eliminating fire ants is impossible. Our Bonita Springs fire ant control expert's goal is to manage their activity, reduce problems and annoyances associated their nest building. We use only the best and safest fire ant control products available.

Bonita Springs Cockroach Control

Cockroaches in Bonita Springs are one of the most common household pests in both urban and rural areas. Cockroaches have been around for thousands of years and they are quiet a survivor as far as the insects are concerned. But pests, just like any animal, need water, food, and shelter in order to survive. We first recommend you eliminate the water and food source of cockroaches or they will keep coming back to your home.

Aside from being a health hazard, cockroaches are a problem for pest infestation. They are elusive and persistent creatures and spray pesticides might be required to get rid of them. Ask for the assistance of a pest control professional in walking through the whole process of eliminating cockroaches. Using a certified pest control company like Southwest Lawn & Shrub Care, Inc. will be safer, more effective & often less expensive than do –it-yourself options available today.

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